Thursday, December 23, 2010

so lucky to be included!

hooray4lala alert:

i was included in these two lovely treasuries...
look for my hand-crafted knitting needles along with some other lovely notions. curated by the lovely etsy seller, iknitandbead.  yay!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Monday, December 20, 2010

happy monday. happy winter.

good gravy.  as i post this it has been raining to beat the band for a whole week in los angeles. 
we are so blessed with sunshine and temperate weather, that i am loathe to complain...

i think that only those of you who live here or have visited during our winter monsoon season can understand just how tropical and, well, abundant those showers can be.  having been raised on temperamental midwestern weather, which is more, shall we say, *bitchy* and mecurial--this is always an interesting change.

think of running bath water.  for days on end.  !!!

in the meantime, i am reminded by the weather maps and fb updates that it is actually DECEMBER!  and the holidays are upon us.  sending you a sweet video of the season.  and to remind myself that all this rain could be snow,  if not for location, location, location!

i'm off to wrap up a few loose ends in the holiay crafting/shipping department...

peace and xxx

Friday, December 17, 2010

i'm such a retro girl.

well, i guess it just figures.  in the spirit of loving all things vintage and old-fashioned, it was only a matter of time before i caught the vapors, the grippe or some other such malady.  today i came home from the doctor and am being treated for whooping cough!

crazy, right?  but it does explain the endless, fitful sessions that almost drove me to distraction!  so now, armed with the right medications, i think i should be quickly on the mend.

but still.  really.  odd.

on a lighter note--i will be finishing up some last-minute holiday gifts this weekend, including a custom-order for the daughter of a good friend.  i will take some pictures of that project and post them.  it's a fun one.

and next week i want to share with you the fun that i have been having trading with other etsy sellers on that site.  it sure don't "pay the bills," but during a slow economy and sluggish holiday sales season, it sure helped out in the gift-department and was a lot of fun to do, besides.

to be continued...

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

etsy love.

thank you, KisforCalligraphy, for featuring me in your cute treasury!
i am especially tickled to be featured with one of the shops that i have a serious crush on:  Corduroy.

i'm in the lower left.  corner pocket.  i really like these silly little horses grouped together and think that they would look faboooo in a shadowbox.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

treasury love!

gosh--a lucky week! i just discovered the etsy chat rooms. and i have to admit, i have plunked down some serious time to these. i have never really gotten into the whole "chat room scene" before---but it's been a fun experience. and a new way to see and be seen.

thanks to mooshoo, who curated this treasury, of items from sellers who have recently been chattin' it up...
you'll notice my felt ornament set amongst some other cute things...

Monday, December 13, 2010

monday. funday.

well, today IS monday. and i am happy to have the week before me.
i am slowly on the mend from this throat bug i have had.

i had to (sadly!) cancel my saturday plans, but d. gently coaxed me to rally for sunday. so my birthday ended up being a grand day. once i got up! we did go to uniquela--which was a lot of fun. ran around some and had a lovely dinner out. thank you,'re a keeper.

one of our errands was to get a couple of small bottles of whiskey.
so i could have a little snort "for medicinal purposes."

had an irish coffee tonight and will be having a hot toddy right shortly.
and happily, "tomorrow IS another day."